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About Carrefour Floride magazine

Carrefour Floride magazine is a monthly publication that provides an escape for the busy mind.

Easy to read, Carrefour Floride magazine is in tune with its readers' interests and beneficial to its advertisers. Carrefour Floride magazine offers a variety of special reports to help readers discover Florida as well as other exotic destinations. This is a magazine that all generations will enjoy.

Always on the lookout for news from the Community, Carrefour Floride offers its readers an array of detailed useful information on trendy places to visit as well as activities to participate in during the season. Not to forget special reports the personalities who have an impact on the French-speaking community in Florida. Carrefour Floride gathers, reaches, and informs residents and tourists alike with quality content based on their expectations. But above all, Carrefour Floride caters to the needs of its advertisers by its large distribution and the exceptional quality of its content.

Michel Séguin, Editor